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Exchange Online Plan 1 Autodiscover doesn't work

Hot 1. The complete Outlook Autodiscover Test result. 2. The complete SARA ( Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant) information. 3. The Service Request (SR) number which you are communicating with the Microsoft technician. For protecting your privacy, you can provide the above mentioned (1 2 3) information in the Private Message (PM) . More Information


Exchange Online Autodiscover fails - Microsoft Community

Hot From your description, you cannot sign in your Office 365 account in Outlook desktop client because it fails to finish the autodiscover process. Based on the result of connectivity test, I found an error: AADSTS53003: Access has been blocked by Conditional Access policies. The access policy does not allow token issuance. More Information


How to verify Exchange Autodiscover is working?

Hot The Microsoft Connectivity Analyzer failed to contact the Autodiscover service using the DNS SRV redirect method. Additional Details Elapsed Time: 206 ms. Test Steps Attempting to locate SRV record in DNS. The Autodiscover SRV record wasn't found in DNS. More Information


Exchange 2010/2016 hybrid Exchange Online autodiscover works, but ...

Hot If I check the "Test email configuration", it connects fine to Office 365 and autodiscover.xml gives status 200. Autodiscover DNS is pointed to onprem as it should be. This happens with all users, within the LAN and external, and with different Office 2016 version. More Information


Exchange Online Mobile Account Management

PDF resource for the steps: Enable or disable Exchange ActiveSync for a mailbox in Exchange Online | Microsoft Docs . A. DDING AN . E. XCHANGE . A. CCOUNT TO A . M. OBILE . D. EVICE Once the … More Information


How To Check Exchange Autodiscover SRV Record Using Nslookup

Hot In your DNS zone editor add a SRV record with the following information: Service _autodiscover. Protocol _tcp. Name Enter one of the following values: Enter @ if your registered domain is your cloud-based domain. For example, if your registered domain is and your cloud-based domain is, enter @. More Information


Turn off local exchange autodiscover after O365 migration

Hot Verify your account to enable IT peers to see that you are a professional. mace. Microsoft Office 365 Expert. check 68. Best Answers. thumb_up 140. Helpful Votes. Sep 9th, 2017 at 8:52 AM. If you don't want to decommission follow this steps to remove autodiscover from exchange, also check your local dns entries if any. More Information


Creating a DNS SRV record for Exchange / O365 to solve autodiscover errors

Hot In simple terms: Go to the DNS Manager. Expand Forward Lookup Zones. Locate and right-click on the external DNS zone and choose Other New Records. Click Service Location (SRV) and enter: Service: _autodiscover. Protocol: _tcp. Port Number: 443. Host: [your mail host, e.g., usually the AD domain forest found in AD Domains and ... More Information


Office365 DNS autodiscover .com

Hot Hello everyone, I have a question: We are currently using exchange server 2010, and migration users in O365, but I encountered a problem. After migration on the client's side oulook automatically not configuring. Need connect and configure outlook manual. As I understand after recording autodiscover CNAME in DNS the problem will be solved. More Information


Exchange Server Autodiscover Not Working in Outlook - Solved

Hot The setting up of Autodiscover CNAME record must be correct and, most importantly, it must exist. Experts strongly recommend that you set up Exchange Autodiscover while using Outlook to connect Exchange Online mailboxes. For Outlook connectivity in Exchange Online, Autodiscover and other related DNS records set up is required. More Information


Create a DNS Entry for Exchange Autodiscover - Thomas Maurer

Hot This is a short blog post how you can create the DNS records and entry for Microsoft Exchange Autodiscover in the Genotec Hosting Control Panel. This works also with other DNS providers as well. First login to the HCC (Hosting Control Center). Navigate to domain names and choose your domain. (OPTIONAL) If you not already have, create a new A ... More Information


Hybrid Exchange - Autodiscover records for on-premise - Microsoft Tech ...

Hot The public DNS A record for pointed to my TMG. So in attempt to point my autodiscover records to Office 365 I deleted those 2 static A records from the on-prem DNS server. I then changed the public facing DNS record for autodiscover and pointed it to Office 365. More Information


Configuring Exchange 2019 Autodiscover for internal and ... - TechGenix

Hot When a client that uses Exchange Web Services launches the first time, it configures itself using the Autodiscover service. Autodiscover in DNS. In earlier versions of Exchange (E2K10), there were numerous namespace requirements for Autodiscover that need to be met in order to provide site resilience. These requirements included: More Information


Can't set up a new profile by using Exchange Autodiscover for Online ...

Hot The Autodiscover CNAME record must exist and must be set up correctly. We strongly recommend that you set up Exchange Autodiscover when you are using Outlook to connect to Exchange Online mailboxes. Setting up Autodiscover and other related DNS records is required for Outlook connectivity in Exchange Online. More Information


How to quickly verify if autodiscover is working - Admin's blog

Hot From the context menu, choose “Test E-mail AutoConfiguration…”. Here, you can enter user’s credentials of the e-mail account you want to check. In order to verify Autodiscover service, check “Use Autodiscover” box and click “Test”. Autodiscover URL and information whether the connection succeeded can be found under Log tab. More Information


Removal of on-premise Autodiscover record after migration to Exchange ...

Hot Hi All, I've watched several tutorials on how to perform a Cutover Migration from our on-premise Exchange 2010 servers to Exchange Online, yet I don't see any mention of how to deal with the fact that the on-premise Autodiscover record will still exist in our local DNS, and will still point users to their old, on-premise mailboxes when we try to create the new Outlook profiles (we have a mix ... More Information


Exchange の Autodiscover について (DNS で解決) at SE の雑記

Hot DNS を使用した Autodiscover の構成では、ユーザーのメールアドレスを元に DNS の検索を行います。. 今回は、 [mailuser@exchange.local] というメールアドレスを使用していますので、Autodiscover の DNS による名前解決を行う場合は、 [exchange.local] というドメイン名が使用 ... More Information


Internal DNS for Autodiscover - The Spiceworks Community

Hot What do I need to do to be able to add my autodiscover to my internal dns without the .corp attached? is a sub domain of You need to either A, change your autodiscover to the subdomain, or add it to the correct DNS zone. xyz is one level higher IIRC ... Hi,We use exchange online. We have a third party developer that uses ... More Information


Office 365 and Oauth: Exchange Gateway EWS Connector

PDF In the search bar enter Office 365 Exchange Online and select it from the available options. 5. Under Office 365 Exchange Online select Delegated Permissions, scroll down expand EWS, and … More Information


Autodiscover for Exchange | Microsoft Docs

Hot The Exchange Autodiscover service provides an easy way for your client application to configure itself with minimal user input. Most users know their email address and password, and with those two pieces of information, you can retrieve all the other details you need to get up and running. For Exchange Web Services (EWS) clients, Autodiscover ... More Information


Internal DNS for Autodiscover - MS Exchange - The Spiceworks Community

Hot Some discussions have suggested simply creating A records for autodiscover to point to the private IP of our Exchange server. Others have suggested that an SRV is better. For the purpose of testing I've created an SRV (Service: _autodiscover, Protocol: _tcp, Port: 443, Host: and, using nslookup I can see this has been ... More Information


Ensure Autodiscover is properly configured for your domain …

PDF Local DNS and Domain Controllers can conflict with a properly configured Autodiscove r configuration . If Local DNS is implemented in any offices that connect to the Exchange then you will need to add an Autodiscover CNAME Record within your Local DNS control panel that follows the same specifications as listed above. More Information


Setup up autoDiscover In On-Perm DNS to integrate with O365

Hot Re: Setup up autoDiscover In On-Perm DNS to integrate with O365. @hntaurus. What you would need to do when your mailboxes are in Exchange Online is to change the serviceBindingInformation parameter of the service connection point in either ADSI Edit or AD Sites and Services. The link below shows how to do that. More Information


Why a Potential Autodiscover Flaw is Just the Tip of an Iceberg

Hot The Autodiscover protocol isn’t mean to have the “fail-up” flaw. One key point is that the purported flaw – a “fail up” behaviour – isn’t how Exchange Autodiscover is meant to function, pointing th a bug in implementation rather than the design of the protocol itself. The developer documentation on the Autodiscover protocol is ... More Information


Autodiscover flow in an Exchange Hybrid environment

Hot The Autodiscover client will connect local DNS server, asking to resolve the host’s name\s of the local Exchange On-Premise server\s that was returned by the On-Premise Active Directory. ... Regarding the Autodiscover flow in an Exchange hybrid environment, for recipients whom their mailbox hosted at Exchange Online, the Autodiscover flow is ... More Information


Hosted Exchange Quick Setup Guide - mindSHIFT Online

PDF If you are unable to do this, please contact your DNS provider and request the following subdomain: Please note: It is important to rename the subdomain using this exact syntax. D. Point the CNAME record for [] to: "" More Information


To Load Balance Microsoft® Exchange Servers - NGINX

PDF • An SRV record for the Autodiscover service. 60 SRV 1 10 443 Configuring Exchange Use Exchange Management Shell (PowerShell) to … More Information


[MS-OXDISCO]: Autodiscover HTTP Service Protocol

PDF Autodiscover client: A client that queries for a set of server locations where setup and configuration information for an [RFC2821]-compliant email address is stored. Autodiscover … More Information


Autodiscover URL in Exchange Hybrid - ALI TAJRAN

Hot Exchange on-premises will automatically direct clients to autodiscover for Exchange Online. Most of the time, you will not have to edit anything because it’s already set. However, if it’s not set up correctly, configure the autodiscover internal URL, public DNS autodiscover, and the internal DNS autodiscover entries. Autodiscover internal URL More Information


Autodiscover service in Exchange Server | Microsoft Docs

Hot The Autodiscover service minimizes user configuration and deployment steps by providing clients access to Exchange features. For Exchange Web Services (EWS) clients, Autodiscover is typically used to find the EWS endpoint URL. However, Autodiscover can also provide information to configure clients that use other protocols. More Information


Exchange 2016-2019 SSL Administration

PDF -The DNS names pointing at the server from the local network. E.g. or for every domain used by a user for their primary … More Information


Email Software Setup Guide - Fasthosts

PDF Within Outlook 2019, you are no longer able to manually configure an Exchange account. Autodiscover records are required on your domain for the connection to be successfully … More Information


How to Configure Outlook 2010 to connect to …

PDF DNS record:- CNAME We’ll create this DNS record for you if you give us the logon details for your DNS control panel. We … More Information


ProblemSolution Unified 00 - Cisco

PDF CLI of Unity Connection. Use Wireshark to open the capture and enter dns in the display filter. Look for the packet with the CNAME Domain Name System (DNS) response returned from the … More Information


The Autodiscover Dilemma: Steps to Take if You Encounter It - ENow Software

Hot If you didn’t have any on-premises Exchange and only Exchange Online mailboxes, your Autodiscover DNS record would be a CNAME record and point directly to Exchange Online (i.e. Office 2016 Click-2-Run (C2R) Office 2016 C2R is the Office version that is available in the Microsoft cloud. More Information


Autodiscover flow in an Office 365 environment | Part 1#3

Hot The is an “Office 365 element” that serve as a “logical router” between the Autodiscover clients and the Exchange Online infrastructure. The Autodiscover flow of Office 365 users (users whom their mailbox hosted at Exchange Online) starts by communicating with the Office 365 hosts named –. More Information


Autodiscover configuration in full hybrid - Microsoft Tech Community

Hot Below cmdlet will change the SCP entry to null so that your outlook does not query AD for mailbox info. Get-ClientAccessService | Set-ClientAccessService -AutoDiscoverServiceInternalUri $ Null. And yes you need to point your dns to for both internal and external. 1 Like. More Information


Modifying On-Premise Exchange …

PDF More Information


Configure internal DNS for Exchange - ALI TAJRAN

Hot Create Pinpoint DNS zone for mail. Open DNS Manager. Right-click on Forward Lookup Zones and select New Zone… from the context menu. Click Next. Keep the default settings. Click Next. Keep the default settings. Click Next. In the Zone Name field, enter your external domain name (in our example More Information


Business Email - Telus

PDF If TELUS hosts your DNS refer to 1.1 Add Autodiscover CNAME record to DNS Records via the TELUS UC Management Centre. ... Host: 5. Click Provision … More Information


Table of Contents - MailEnable

PDF 2. Next select the AutoDiscovery tab and select the mail domain for which you wish to provide ActiveSync Services. If that site does not report anAutoDiscover Host Name, then you should … More Information


External Domain Name System records for Office 365

Hot External DNS records required for email in Office 365 (Exchange Online) Email in Office 365 requires several different records. The three primary records that all customers should use are the Autodiscover, MX, and SPF records. The Autodiscover record allows client computers to automatically find Exchange and configure the client properly. More Information


1) Create a srv record for both Local DNS and External DNS …

PDF 1) Create a srv record for both Local DNS and External DNS a. Create SRV records on the DNS server i. ii. port 443 iii. Sample 2) … More Information


Load Balancing Microsoft Exchange 2019

PDF Feb 10, 2021 · Address Book, Exchange Web Services Auto Discover Notes 1. In this case a single VIP is used for all HTTPS namespaces/services. 2. Both DNS … More Information


Configuring Office 365 Modern Authentication for ... - BlackBerry

PDF • Office 365 or Exchange Online ... Under the Autodiscover and Exchange Options section, complete one of the following actions. Most environments only require the default settings. … More Information


Deploying NetScaler with Microsoft Exchange 2016

PDF In Exchange 2016, the number of server roles has been reduced to two: the Mailbox and Edge Transport server roles.The Mailbox server in Exchange 2016 includes all of the server … More Information


Create DNS records for Microsoft using Windows-based DNS - Microsoft ...

Hot From the MX row in the Exchange Online section of the Add DNS records page in Microsoft, copy the value listed under Points to address. ... Host Name: autodiscover; Type: CNAMEAddress:; Select OK. Add the SIP CNAME record. On the DNS Manager page for the domain, go to Action > CNAME (CNAME). More Information


Question About 'Exchange online autodiscover dns'

What is Autodiscover service in Exchange Server?

Autodiscover service in Exchange Server. The Autodiscover service minimizes user configuration and deployment steps by providing clients access to Exchange features.

What is Autodiscover DNS?

Autodiscover in DNS. A CNAME or canonical name record is the DNS equivalent to a Windows shortcut or an Apple Mac alias. A CNAME record is an alias for an Address (A) record that maps an IP address to the target server. If, for example, your domain is, you create a CNAME record for

Should I move Exchange Server Autodiscover to Office 365?

To be honest it can go both way but until you remove the Exchange server at some point then you can move it to Office 365 for good. However based on recent events about local Exchange, I would move the autodiscover to Office 365. As part of Hybrid config, Exchange knows how to redirect to Office365, if autodiscover points to on-prem.

Does exchange rely on DNS?

Exchange Server DNS settings are very important to make exchange server work in a proper way. Without the Exchange server DNS record in place, one cannot even think of the exchange server to work properly. As you may be aware that, Microsoft Exchange is highly dependent on Active Directory and DNS.

Is intermedia Hosted Exchange better than Office 365 Exchange Online?

Intermedia Hosted Exchange has a higher overall rating than Office 365 Exchange Online. Intermedia scores better than Office 365 Exchange across: Support, and Reputation & Support. However, Office 365 Exchange scores better on Pricing. Both companies score similarly on Features, and Integrations.

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